George Ford and Grace Fudge

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Parents   : George - not known        John Roberts and Ann Stickland

George Ford (b abt 1781 Upwey Dorset, m Grace Fudge 1807 Upwey, d 1856 Upwey)
Grace Fudge (b abt 1786 Affpuddle Dorest, d 1847 Upwey)               
    Hannah Ford (b 1808 Wyke-Regis Dorset)
    Elizabeth Ford (b 1810 Preston and Sutton Poyntz Dorset, m John Edmund Willison 1839 St Marylebone Middlsex)
    Ann Ford (b 1814 Upwey, d 1844)
    Maria Ford (b 1816 Upwey, m John Wallis 1849 Upwey, d 1871 Weymouth Dorset)
    Harriet Ford (b 1817 Upwey, d 1886 Dorchester Dorset)
    Charles Ford (b 1819 Upwey)   
    George Ford (b 1821 Upwey, m Esther Gale 1850 Melcombe Regis Dorset, d 1887 Radipole Dorset (Ancestry Tree))
    Isaac Ford (b 1823 Upwey, d 1832 Upwey)
    Amelia Ford (b 1826 Upwey)
    Lavinia Ford (b 1828  Upwey, m  Stephen Vine 1855 Beechworth Vic, d 1904 Hawthorn Vic)
        Hannah Vine (b 1866 Spring Creek, m Richard Reid Roach 1890 Flemington Vic, d 1915 Kew Vic)
            Liela Muriel Roach (b 1893 North Sydney, m Ernest Harold Mitchell 1914 Kew, d 1972 Wodonga)
    Israel Ford (b 1830 Upwey, d 1832 Upwey)

For an interesting discussion of Grace's life prior to marrying George Ford see Ann Sticklands page

Preston with Sutton Poyntz is about 2 miles east of Upwey. Wyke-Regis is about 6 milessouth of Upwey. The family move around the district before settling in Upwey

    Lavinia Ford and Stephen Vine's marriage certificate was supplied by Jenny Grainger. This gives Lavinia's parents as George Ford and Grace Fudge and Lavinia's place of Birth as Upway, Dorsetshire. The family are in the 1841 and 1851 Census records
    Interestingly  the Upwey OPC site has no Fords born at all in Upwey prior to 1814,  and no Grace born  between  1784-8. And no Ford marriage records at all. There are no Ford baptisms after Frederic in 1836. The records go to 1880, and while not claimed to be complete, there is plenty of data.  So This family looks as if the children moved away from Upwey in the 1840s and 50s. If Lavinia's Death Certificate is to be believed she arrived in Victoria in 1854. Shipping records need to be found to clarify  when, and how many of the family came

1841 Census

All born in Dorset, and found resident at Stotting Way, Upwey Dorset.
Amelia Ford (abt 1826)
Frederic Ford (abt 1836)
George Ford (abt 1781)  Agricultural Labourer
Grace Ford (abt 1786)
Isaac Ford (abt 1826)  Agricultural Labourer
Levina Ford (abt 1827)
Maria Ford (abt 1821)
According to the Upwey OPC site Frederic is Maria's illegitimate son (oops).

1851 Census

We can find George again, living in Upwey with John and Maria Wallis
John Wallis 62, head , Ag Labourer (b abt 1789 Upwey Dorset) 
Maria Wallis, 36, wife (b abt 1816 Upwey Dorset) 
Frederic Ford 15 (b abt 1836 Upwey Dorset)  Agricultural Labourer
George Ford 69 (b abt 1781 Upwey Dorset)  Agricultural Labourer
Elizabeth Ann Ford 7 (b abt 1844 Upwey Dorset)  Scholar

Comment from Jenny Grainger

    I believe Maria WALLIS/WALLISS is actaully Maria FORD, with d.o.b more like 1815. Located marriage record for her and John WILLISS  (probably WILLIS) and suspect the reason her father George, sister Elizabeth Ann & brother (surely not her son ???) are all listed as 'Other Relatives' is due to the age difference ! John is around the same age as father George ! Poor Maria - probably shuffled off to marry this old coot so her dad would have somewhere to live.
    Comment by Les Rowley: Only reservation I have is that John Wallis is younger than me - making me a "very old coot"? - Also if Frederick is illegitimate (OPC info), that could be the reason for being coy about the relationships within the family group

Research Notes

Genes Reunited checked for George
LDS Can't find any of the Ford's in LDS
Two Ancestry messages sent as a trial 7/10/07 for Grace Fudge (Ford/Ford2007)
Mary Brunton on Genes Reunited  has George Ford b 1781 and supplied the date for their marriage, There are variations in the siblings
She has Maria born  3 March 1816 in Upway and marrying John Wallis in Upwey 23 Dec 1849 and Robert Burt in Upwey 2 April 1864
She has Harriet bapt 30/11/1817 in Upway
She has George b 1821 marrying Esther Gale in Melcombe Regis, Dorset 7 March 1850
She has Isaac b  5 Oct 1823.

Bob Ford has a family tree for George (b1821) He has George II marrying Ester Bartlett.

Grace Fudge Research (LR)

1780 Baptism 12 Jun  Affpuddle Dorset Parents Richard and Ann Fudge.. (Affpuddle is about 14 miles ENE of Upway). But this Grace died.
1782 Burial Affpuddlle Grace FUDGE 17 February (OPC database)
1786 Born this year if we believe 1841 census

1788 23 Feb Marriage of Grace's mother in Affpuddle as Ann Fudge (widow) to John Roberts (index record only)
1788 Baptism 23 Mar Affpuddle Grace, daughter of Ann Fudge and John Roberts
1807 Marriage 28 Sep  in Upway George Ford and Grace Fudge of Affpuddle
1841 Census George and Grace in Upway (Grace gives age as 55, ie born 1786)
1847 Burial in Upway Feb 14, Age given as 61, ie born 1785

George Ford Research (LR)

Census 1841 George and Grace in Upway (George gives age as 60, ie born 1781)
Census 1851 George in Upway (George gives age as 67 ie born 1784, or 69 ie born 1782, or 61, ie born 1790 - Agricultural Labourer)
Burial 1856  Upway June 9 - Age given as 79, ie born 1777
Various possible Christenings
    1777 Chillinghampton, Devon - a very long way from Upway
    1780 Charlton Marshall Dorset - 30 miles away
    1783 Modbury, Devon
- a very long way from Upway


1780 Grace Fudge Baptism Affpuddle Ancestry
1782 16 July Richard Fudge in Court, as prisoner
1782 11 Nov Death Richard Fudge Dorchester Prison
1788 Baptism 23 Mar Affpuddle Grace Fudge-Roberts
1807 Marriage George Ford and Grace Fudge Upwey
1841 Census Ford Lavinia and George
1851 Census George Ford


An email from Bob Preece kicked me back into action on this page. He supplied lots of good stuff. I have verified it, and put it up on the page. There is still more good stuff to process
The Upwey Online Parish Clerk site run by Maureen Branson has been enormously helpful in mapping out this family. I was able to look at transcripts of records direct on the website. Maureen also kindly answered  some following question.
Baptism abt 1781 for George Ford? According to the 1851 Census, this should be in Upwey.
according to census records George was born about 1781, but his baptism does not appear around this time. However, there does appear to be a gap in baptisms in the latter half of 1777, so itís possible his baptism occurred then. I donít have access to the Parish Records to check this Ė they are in the Dorset Record Office, and I am in Queensland

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