Henery and Elizabeth Baly

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Parents     Not Known

Henery Baly (m Elizabeth)
    Henry Baley (b 1675 Ashwell Hertsfordshire, m Elizabeth Weston 1704, Ashwell)       
        Henry Bailey (b 1707 Ashwell, m Alice Ball 1731 Ashwell, d 1791 Ashwell)
              James Bailey (b 1743 Ashwell,  m Ann Passall 1764 Ashwell, d 1798 Ashwell)
                 Mary Bailey (b 1778 Ashwell,  m Paul Briant 1795 Ashwell, d 1823 Ashwell)                                             
                      James Briant (b 1799 Ashwell, m Phyllis Picking 1823 Ashwell, d Tewin)
                            George Briant (b1824 Ashwell, m Emma Pateman 1851 Ashwell, d 1900 Ballarat)
                                  Louisa Jane Briant (b 1861 Ballarat, m Edwin Farr 1884 Presb Manse Ballarat, d 1945 Northcote)
                                      Winifred Emma Farr (b 1890 Northcote, m Norman Thompson 1918, d 1994 Preston)
    Elizabeth Baley (b 1686 Ashwell)      
    Margaret Baley (b 1687 Ashwell)      

Research Notes

Check in LDS yeilds a marriage Henery Baly and Elizabeth Tibbit in Aldenham Hertsfordshire in 1674 that looks an excellent fit. However
(1) Aldenham is a long way from Ashwell (nearly 30 miles)
(2)  The two families run in parallel
Ashwell        Chr Henricus 1675,  Chr Elizabeth 1686   chr Margaret 1687
Aldenham    Chr Mary 1677   Chr Henry 1683
So rule out Elizabeth Tibbit. We have no other prospect for the marriage in LDS
This indirectly also rules out the Henery Baley born in Aldenham in 1654, and there are no other prospects in LDS
Once I cleared up my confusion, comments from a couple of correspondents fit beautifully - They are descendants of the other Henry from Aldenham
Elaine Dimmock's tree on Genes Reunited has descendants for John and Mary. She has our Henry bapt 1683 Adenham, srce IGI
Similar comment from Kathy Defriend
....... descended from her son Henry Bailey (Bayley). I'm descended from John Bailey, Henry's brother..
    However I'm a bit mystified as you give Henry's DOB as 1675, but I have Henry as being christened on 23 September 1683. John was christened on 24 June 1675 and their sister Mary on 7 January 1677.
    I don't think the christening would be that long after Henry's birth. However I don't have the Parish Record in my file (nothing before John's marriage to Mary Fowles in 1704 for some strange reason) so next time I go to Hertford I'll check it out and get proper copies of the Parish Records
And further  from Kathy
I did notice that your Henry Bayley was from Ashwell in the north of Hertfordshire, although the Bayleys and Tibbits came from Aldenham. I would suggest that the Bayleys born in Aldenham would be inclined to stay there, as, with the Abbey and so on, it would have been a village of much greater significance and wealth than Ashwell. This might explain the 2 births in 1675. All my research was done by myself, aided and abetted by Anthony Moore, in the Archive of Parish Records held in Hertford. Because of the literacy levels of the Abbey community in Aldenham those records are extremely well-kept.
We are back to Colin Walker's tree on Genes Reunited
Henry Bailey d 1744 Ashwell, Herts.
Elizabeth Bailey Chr 4 Apr 1686, b c 1682
Unknown  -   boy born  Bef Mar 16 1679  --  girl  born Bef Mar 161680
Jeremiah Chr 4 Apr 1686 Ashwell
Margaret Chr Dec 1687 Ashwell


A lot of information prior to this family was provided by Valerie Woodgate, who kindly gave access  to her tree on Genesreunited

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