Paul Briant and Mary Bailey

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Parents :  James Briant and Elizabeth Rouse               . Parents    James Bailey and Ann Passall.    

Paul Briant (b 1775 Ashwell, m Mary Bailey 1795 Ashwell, d 1851 Ashwell)
Mary Bailey (b 1778 Ashwell,  d 1823 Ashwell)                                             
    Bathsheeba Briant (b 1796 Ashwell, m William Harradine 1813 Ashwell, d 1873 Royston District)
    Deborah  Briant (b 1798 Ashwell, d 1807 Ashwell)
     James Briant (b 1799 Ashwell, m Phyllis Picking 1823 Ashwell, d Tewin)
        George Briant (b1824 Ashwell, m Emma Pateman 1851 Ashwell, d 1900 Ballarat)
             Louisa Jane Briant (b 1861 Ballarat, m Edwin Farr 1884 Presb Manse Ballarat, d 1945 Northcote)
                 Winifred Emma Farr (b 1890 Northcote, m Norman Thompson 1918 , d 1994 Preston)
    Jonas Briant (b 1802 Ashwell, m Mary Ann Carter 1822 Ashwell, d 1851 Ashwell)
    Rebecca Briant (b 1804 Ashwell, m Peter Bailey 1823 Ashwell, d 1859 Ashwell)
    Plumer Briant (b 1806 Ashwell, d 1807 Ashwell)
    William Briant (b 1808 Ashwell, m Margaret Covington 1827 Ashwell, d 1872 Ashwell)
                                                      m Jane Burr 1840
    Deborah Briant (b 1810 Ashwell, m Jesse Burr 1834 Ashwell, d 1886 Ashwell)
    Eliza Briant (b 1812 Ashwell, m Thomas Betts 1831 Ashwell, d 1844 Royston District)
                                                 m John Moss
    Mary Ann Briant (b 1814 Ashwell, m Joseph Worboys 1840 Ashwell, d aft 1850)
    Henry Paul Briant (b 1817 Ashwell, m Sarah Harradine 1837 Ashwell)

The census information below is interesting for a few reasons
(1) Various of the families are living very close together in Ashwell
(2) The empty houses in High St Ashwell in 1851 indicating difficult times economically. George and Emma Briant left for Australia in 1854
(3) It looks as if Paul Briant did well to marry into the Bailey family. Paul was a 76 year old pauper living with his daughter in 1851, but Mary's brother Peter was employing family members in his business

1841 Census

An interesting set of neighbours on the page  (a line reprtesents a dwelling boundary) - everone is born in county
Lime Kilns (lane)
Peter Bailey  36 Bricklayer, Rebecca Bailey 36, Elizabeth Ann Bailey 16, Eliza Bailey 9. Naomi 2
Joseph Worborys 23 Ag L, Mary Ann Worborys  25, Paul Briants 64, George Briants 13
--------------------------------- one intervening house
Sarah Harradine 45 Schoolmistress
--------------------------------- two intervening houses
Gabriel Picking 25 Carpenter, Susannah Picking 25
--------------------------------- changes to High St at this point
Jonas Briants 35 Ag L, Mary Ann Briants 40, William Briants 15 Ag L, Rebecca Briants 14
John Briants12, George Briants 8, Mary Ann Briants 6, Thomas Briants 1
Willliam Harradine 45 Ag L, Jane  Harradine  45, Lavinia  Harradine  16, Henry  Harradine 13,
Thomas Bailey 28, Ag L, William Bailey 7

1851 Census

In neighbouring houses - everone is born in Ashwell except Mary Betts (Steeple Morden)
Lime Kiln Lane Lane/Baileys buildings
Joseph Worborys head 34 Ag Lab
Mary Ann Worborys wife 33
Paul Briants father, widower 76 pauper  Ag Lab
Mary Ann Betts neice 12 scholar
Peter Bailey  head 45 Bricklayer emp 7 men
Rebecca Bailey wife 45
Naomi Bailey dau 12 scholar
Thos Pack son-in-law widower 28 blacksmith
Wm Pack grandson 5 scholar
James Briants serv unmar 20 Bricklayer Lab
William Bailey serv unmar 20 Bricklayer Lab
Sarah Harridine, widow, schooltmistress, is still living in Lime Kiln lane but has aged 21 years . Teaching can do that.
Mary Ann Briants is widowed and living with the younger children at Carters Pond Ashwell
One census page for Ashwell shows two uninhabited houses in the High St, indicating Ashwell had fallen on hard times?


Thanks to Gwen and Harry Smalley, Glenis Crocker, Kel Ellis, Elinor Moore, Valerie Woodgate and Patricia Hone for their contributions to this part of our tree

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