John and Christina Hawton

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Parents      Nicholas Hawton and Jane Bowhay            Christina's parents not known:

John (b 1580 Stoke Climsland Cornwall, m Christina)  
    John (b 1608 Stoke Climsland, d 1672 Stoke Climsland)
    Robert (b c1610 Stoke Climsland)
    Mary (b c1616 Stoke Climsland)
    George Hawton (b 1623 Stoke Climsland Cornwall, m Catherine, d 1669 Stoke Climsland )
        Robert Hawton (b 1656 Stoke Climsland, m Wilmot Warden 1683, d 1734)
            Robert Hawton (b 1699, m Joan Bowhay 1720, d 1763 Stoke Climsland)
                John Hawton (b 1725 Stoke Climsland, m Judith Stephens 1753 Truro Cornwall, d 1795)      
                    James Hawton (b 1766 Stoke Climsland, m Mary Parsons 1791 Stoke Climsland, d 1853 Stoke Climsland)          
                        Francis (Frank) Hawton  (b 1799 Stoke Climsland, m Jane Dingle 1820 Stoke Climsland)
                            Margaret Hawton (b 1828 Stoke Climsland, m William Burton Mitchell 1846 Stoke Climsland Cornwall, d 1922 Essendon Vic)
                                William Mitchell  (b 1850 Tregorick Cornwall, m Ellen Adelaide Cubit 1880 Sandridge Melb, d 1889 Bethanga, Vic )
                                       Ernest Harold Mitchell (b 1887 Whiteford, m  Liela Muriel Roach 1914 Kew, d 1960 Wodonga)


This page is from Linzi Rummens tree in GR
Timothy Rich's tree in  GR has a second marriage for John to Phillipa Williams (b  28/04/1635 in Stoke Climsland)

Research Notes

Email from Russ Hawton
According to your website Mary Hawton, daughter of Nicholas and Jane Hawton, was born in 1616...........but Mary Hawton is referred to in Nicholas's will of 1611...............?
You also refer to John and Christina Hawton as being the parents of George Hawton. I would be interested in the evidence for this ( there seem to have been other John Hawtons around at the time? ), I am particularly interested in George as I am a descendant of his and have been puzzling over his origins on and off for 30 years or so!
I'm afraid I'm not in a position to send you a copy of the will, but it's contents are clear. Mary is unambiguously referred to. I suppose there could have been an earlier Mary who died?
As for George, CL Clowes of the Duchy Office noted in the 1920's that the parents of George are not clear from the Parish Register. There doesn't seem to be any indication either in what remains of the Bishop's Transcripts. George is not mentioned in any extant will that I am aware of.
If anyone can send me a transcript of the will or further evidence I will add it here

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