William Growden and Mary Close

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Parents   :        William Growden (50%)
                       Nathaniel Close (b 1600 Null (Hull?) England)    and     Jane (b abt 1602 Truro)

William Growden (b 1627 Truro Cornwall, m Mary Close 1652 Truro)
Mary Close (b 1631 Truro)
     Jane Growden (b 1653 Truro)
     William Growden (b 1654 Truro, d 1662 Truro)
     Janelle Growden (b 1657 Truro, m Digory Stephens)
        William Stephens (b 1692 Truro, m Mrs Judith Howell 1721 Truro)   
            Judith Stephens (b 1724 Truro, m  John Hawton 1753 Truro)     
                James Hawton (b 1766 Stoke Climsland Cornwall, m Mary Parsons 1791 Stoke Climsland, d 1853 Stoke Climsland)          
                    Francis (Frank) Hawton  (b 1799 Stoke Climsland, m Jane Dingle 1820 Stoke Climsland)
                        Margaret Hawton (b 1828 Stoke Climsland, m William Burton Mitchell 1846 Stoke Climsland Cornwall, d 1922 Essendon Vic)
                            William Mitchell  (b 1850 Tregorick Cornwall, m Ellen Adelaide Cubit 1880 Sandridge Melb, d 1889 Bethanga, Vic )
                                   Ernest Harold Mitchell (b 1887 Whiteford, m  Liela Muriel Roach 1914 Kew, d 1960 Wodonga)
     William Growden (b 1666 Truro)
     Barbara Growden (b 1670 Truro)


Thanks Joy Pountain whose database in Genes Reunited supplied updates to this page.
Also Hazel Persson, OPC for Truro.

Research Notes

Joy Pountain's Genes Reunited site has Jaelle Growden
Query sent to Hazel Persson, OPC for Truro. She responded
I have searched through the early christening of Truro St Mary's for your William Growden but could not find him. A lot of those early records are not very clear though and very faded in places.
She said she would do some further digging, and she came back with the following
Cornwall 1569 Muster - John Growdon, archer and billman with a bill in St Mellion. A bill was similar to the agricultural bill hook with a hooked cutting edge mounted on the side of a 6ft shaft and often with a spike at the end.
Cornwall Protestation Returns 1641 - William Growden, Constable in Grampound
Truro St Marys Baptisms -
Larence son of Laurence 29th Nov. 1625
Jone daughter of William and Mary Growden 9th Jan. 1652
William son of William Growden 28th June 1654
Jaell daughter of William and Mary Growden 13th Aug. 1657
Jone daughter of William and Mary Growden 24th Nov. 1663
Mary daughter of William and Mary Growden 9th April 1666
Barbara daughter of William and Mary Growden 30th Jan 1669
This is all good stuff. It extends our knowledge of  William and Mary's family.  William the Constable is too young to be a Constable at 14, but looks a real good bet to be the father of William  b 1627, noting that his first son was also William. He would be a 50% chance?

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