John Marshall and Barbara Taylor

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Parents     James Marshall and Hannah Younger       Barbara Taylor's parents not known

John Marshall (b 1715 Ulgham Northumberland, m Barbara Taylor 1745 Ulgham, d 1786 Ulgham)
Barbara Taylor (d 1759 Ulgham)
    John Marshall (b 1746 Ulgham, m Mary Dobson 1774 Ulgham, d 1814 Ulgham)
    Hannah Marshall (b 1747 Ulgham, d 1762 Ulgham)
    Francis Marshall (b 1750 Ulgham, m Jane Sym 1775 Widrington Northumberland, d 1793 Ulgham)
        Dorothy Marshall (b 1776 Ulgham, m Edward Stephenson 1799 Ulgham)
            Edward Stephenson (b 1806 Newcastle-on-Tyne, m Hannah Pitt, d aft 1860)
                Elizabeth Stephenson  (b  1838, m Joshua Turner 1862 Newcastle-on-Tyne, d 1899  Melbourne)
                      Mary Louisa Turner (b abt 1868 Newcastle-on-Tyne, m John  Thompson 1887 Newcastle-on-Tyne, d 1901 N Fitzroy Vic)
                           Norman Thompson (b 1888 Newcastle-on-Tyne,  m Winifred Emma Farr 1918 Northcote Vic, d 1932 Thornbury Vic)
    James Marshall (b 1753 Ulgham, d 1775 Ulgham)
    Barbara Marshall (b 1755 Ulgham, d 1780 Ulgham)
    Henry Marshall (b 1759 Ulgham)

John was paid 2d for two foulmarts (polecats) heads by the Chapel Wardens.
In 1750 John mended the chapel bell and was paid 2/6d. In 1757 he made "stanshells" for the west window of the chapel. In 1774 John was paid 1/-/8d for nails for repairs to the chapel roof.
John appeared in the 1762 Militia List. His occupation was listed as "Blacksmith".
(source Bruce Peckett)


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