Edward Webb (80%)

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Parents               Richard Webb (40%)    

Edward Webb  (b 1669 St Gerrans?)
    John Webb (b 1693 St Gerrans)
    EdwardWebb (b 1695 St Gerrans)
    Steven Webb (b 1698 St Gerrans)
    Mary Webb (b 1702 St Gerrans, m  Robert Rowter 1724 St Gerrans)
        Rebecca  Rowter (b 1743 St Gerrans, m  John Greet 1769 Saint Just In Roseland)
            Honour Greet (b 1775 Saint Just In Roseland, m  James Bath 1799 Mylor Cornwall)
                Marina Bath (b 1804 Mylor Cornwall, m  Colon Tippett 1836 Madron Cornwall, d 1887)
                     William Henry Tippet (b 1843 St Columb, m Eliza Julian 1865 Cornwall, d 1927 Brunswick Vic)
                       Annie Tippett (b 1879 Fraddon, St Enoder Cornwall, m Herbert Oscar Smalley 1908 North Fitzroy, d 1955 Kew Vic)
    Richd Webb (b 1704 St Gerrans)
    Nicolas Webb (b 1707 St Gerrans)
    Rebekah Webb (b 1708 St Gerrans)
    Thomas Webb (b 1712 St Gerrans)

St Gerran's OPC Bill O'Reilly has a superb website with databases, photos and more. (see places in the UK page)

Research Notes

The research from the OPC site that led to this page is on Mary Webb's page
St Gerrans OPC has a baptism  13 Jun 1669, father Richard , whch looks pretty right (he would marry at 23)
Other children for Richard
Richard 04-Mar 1665
Constance 2 Oct 1664
Elisabeth 28 Apr 1672
Disconcerting - there are two children five months apart, ie there are two Richards? Anyway put the name Richard down as a 40% chance
There is a Richard Webb marrying Margary Jenkinge in 1635, and a widower marriying Margaret Harris in 1684
LDS and FHO don't add to this picture

Email in from John Wood adds to this early picture
Looking at your website I have found Richard Webb who married Margery Jenkinge on 10-2-1635. I believe Richards father to be Reginald (Renold,Regnald)Webb(e) Born about 1560 died about 1620. He was married to Thamaryn Braddon on 27-4-1585 (poss. mother of richard) he remarried to Allis Hill. ...... I particularly wish to find info. on Richards brother Edward Webb (Born 1-9-1609 died 1667 married to Amy Sandy) as this is a direct ancestor of mine.
From the Bones in the Belfry point of view, we are reasonably confident of Edward (b 1669) and clearly guessing with his father. But we are doing wekk considering it is nearly 400 years ago.


Thanks to St Gerran's OPC Bill O'Reilly where all this good stuff came from

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