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Parents           George Chilcott and Frances Arscot(50%)

An email from Geoff Court discusses the link from Robert to William and Mabel, and the link from William and Mabel to George and Frances in some detail.
His conclusion with which I concur is a definite unproven
See his emails on George and Frances' page
Fo my 50% rating is optimistic?
William Chilcott (m Mrs Mabel Every, nee Bragge)
    William Chilcott
    Robert Chilcott (b abt 1637 Breedy, Dorset)   
        Christopher Chilcott (b 1665 Beaminster Dorset, m Hannah Langford 1690 Bridport Dorset, d 1725 Tintagel Cornwall)
             William Chilcott (b 1700 Tintagel,  m Rebecca Williams 1739 North Hill Cornwall, d 1744)
                   Charles the Giant Chilcott (b 1742, m Mary Jose 1768 St Juliot Cornwall, d 1815)
                        Langford Chilcott (b 1769 Tintagel, m Ann Medling 1800, d 1823 Tintagel) 
                              Charles Chilcott (b 1802 Tintagel, m Mary Strout 1822 Tintagel, d 1869 Launceston Tas)
                                    Mary Chilcott (b 1827 Tintagel, m John Cubit 1845 Longford, d 1874 Deloraine Tas)
                                           Ellen Adelaide Cubit (1856 Westbury, m William Mitchell 1880 Sandridge, Melb, d 1937 Wodonga, Vic)
                                                  Ernest Harold Mitchell (b 1887 Whiteford, m 1914 Liela Muriel Roach, d 1960 Wodonga)
    Mabella Chilcott
    Thomasin Chilcott

Joan Hunter, descended from William Chilcott (b 1700 above) and his first wife, Hannah Henwood supplied some interesting wills and comments
Will of William Chilcott 1650 - This has been seriously hacked (by LR),  but see full text
   .....  The twentieth day of July anno domini 1643 William Chilcott of Bridey in the County of Dorset gent...........
I give and dispose..... that Mabella my dear and loving wife have ... my farm of Bowy? in ... Dorset and the lands called Short hill and Lamerton ... for the maintenance of herself and our children during their several minorities or until their respective preferment in marriage or other settlement ....... case she shall be outed of the said premises upon the death of Thomas Powlett gent late owner thereof by the ... interest of Mrs Powlett his now wife ,..... my wife shall have and hold my house at Windfford and  ....  to the value of two hundred pounds per annum quitted of her rents payable to .... Martin Yeerly for the maintenance of herself and our children
I give all my plate and household stuff whatsoever unto my son William Chilcott if he shall be living at the time of my death but if he shall happen to die before me then I give the same unto my son Robert Chilcott ...
Mabella my said wife shall have the use and occupation of so much of my land, plate and household stuff that shall be in my house at Bewdry
Item whereas my said wife and Elizabeth Every her daughter have ... under the grant and device of Alexander Every gent deceased last husband of my said wife several messuages, lands, tenements and hereditaments lying within the parish of Whitchurch in the said county of Dorset my will .... is that they remain and be disposed of according to a deed thereof in writing by me formerly made since my intermarriage with my said wife,
I give unto my daughter (sic) Thomasin and Mabella Chilcot and to every other daughter and daughters that I shall have hereafter born to each and every of them one thousand pounds a piece to be paid them at ... ages of one and twenty years ....
I give unto each and every of my younger sons .... one thousand pounds a piece to be paid them at ... age of four and twenty years ......
I do make and ordain my beloved wife my brother in law John Bragg my brother John Chilcott my good friend Mr Nicholas Derby and my servant Alexander Gerady executors
I do give more unto the said Alexander Gerady a good nag
..... if any difference or dispute shall arise ....submit .... final determination of my noble good friends Sir William Portman, Sir Anthony Ashley Cooper, Sir Gerard Naper Baronet and Giles Strangeways Esq .....
I do earnestly request the said Alexander Gerady to perfect the books of account aforesaid yearly....
I do earnestly desire my worthy good friends John Merefield of Ormeston Esq John Were of Donsmore Esq Lough Windham of Silton Esq and Creymer Bigod of Parret Esq to be overlookers and advisors of ... my last will and testament and I do give unto every of them a ring of gold of thirty shillings price with a deaths head in it.......

            Proved London Nathanial Ben? 26 July

Comments Les Rowley
This is clearly the father of the Robert we think is Christopher's father. It gives us his family. He is seriously wealthy, and has  some serious friends. nominating three "Sir"s, one a Baronet to oversea his will. Also Mabella his wife was wealthy in her own right when they married. What is that bit at the end giving his advisors a ring with a death's head in it?
Comments by Joan.
     Mablen Bragge m. Alexander Every in 1626, in Thorncombe near Axminster, Dorset.  Their daughter, Elizabeth was b. 1628 in Whitchurch Canonicorum, Dorset.


Thanks to Joan Hunter for the information on this page

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