John Jose and Agnes Gimblett

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Parents   :        John Jose and Elizabeth Hooper                    Matthew Gimblett and Grace Spettigue

John Jose (b 1689 Lesnewth Cornwall, m Agnes Gimblett 1722 St Juliot Cornwall, d 1772)
Agnes Gimblett (b 1700 Warbstow Cornwall, d 1777 St Juliot)
     Elizabeth Jose (m Thomas Rickard 1743 Otterham Cornwall)
     Agnes Jose (b 1725 St Juliot, m Henry Stacey 1746 St Juliot)
     Edward Jose (b 1728 Otterham, m Anne Rawle 1750 St Juliot, d aft 1771)
     Digory Jose (b 1732 Lesnewth Cornwall, d aft 1771)
     Stephen Jose (b 1734 Lesnewth, d aft 1771)
     Grace Jose (b 1739 Lesnewth, m Nicholas Lillycrap 1759 St Juliot, d aft 1771)
     Mary Jose (b 1741 Lesnewth, m Charles the Giant Chilcott 1768 St Juliot, d 1819)
           Langford Chilcott (b 1769 Tintagel, m Ann Medling 1800, d 1823 Tintagel) 
                 Charles Chilcott (b 1802 Tintagel, m Mary Strout 1822 Tintagel, d 1869 Launceston Tas)
                       Mary Chilcott (b 1827 Tintagel, m John Cubit 1845 Longford, d 1874 Deloraine Tas)
                              Ellen Adelaide Cubit (1856 Westbury, m William Mitchell 1880 Sandridge, Melb, d 1937 Wodonga, Vic)
                                     Ernest Harold Mitchell (b 1887 Whiteford, m 1914 Liela Muriel Roach, d 1960 Wodonga)

Email from Dallas Manicom, who is the Online Parish Clerk for Warbstow
    In doing a look up for someone else, I came across the actual filmed parish register page for Matthew + Grace's daughter's baptism -- previously I only had the Bishop's Transcripts in which the 1st name was dark and smudged so it was not readable.
    The actual parish register states that Anne, the daughter of Matthew Gymblett, yeoman, and his wife Grace was baptised January 16, 1700 in Warbstow.
    In England as well as Scotland, Anne and Agnes were often used interchangeably


St Juliot, (Cornish: Sen Julet), is situated in the deanery of Trigg Major and the Hundred of Lesnewth. The parish is located on the North Cornwall coast; it is bounded on the north by St Gennys, on the east by Otterham, on the south by Davidstow and Lesnewth, and on the west by Minster, Forrabury and the Bristol Channel. The Valency river runs westwards through a steep valley in this parish to emerge at Boscastle. The church, dedicated to St Julitta, was the meeting place of the writer Thomas Hardy and his first wife - Emma Gifford. The parish was the inspiration for Endelstow in 'A Pair of Blue Eyes'.
This makes St Juliot only half a dozen miles from Tintagel.
Warbstow is about two miles east of Otterham


Thanks to Jane OBrien for five generations back of Mary Jose's parents, and other background. Thanks to Dallas Manicom, who cleared up Agnes for us.

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