Edward Bowhay and Joan Luggar

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Parents   :       Tristram Bowhay (b abt 1575 Stoke Climsland, m Mary Kelly 1596 Stoke Climsland Cornwall, d abt 1629)      
                      Mary Kelly (b abt 1576 Stoke Climsland, possibly died 1636 Stoke Climsland )
                                                              Edward Luggar (b abt 1580 Tavistock Devon)

Edward Bowhay (b abt 1597 Stoke Climsland, m Joan Luggar 1632, d 1668 Stoke Climsland)
Joan Luggar (b abt 1610 Tavistock Devon, d 1674 Stoke Climsland)
    Edward Bowhay  (b abt 1633 Stoke Climsland, m Tamasen Beale, d 1674)
        Edward Bowhay (b 1664 Stoke Climsland, m Alice Honey 1697 Stoke Climsland, d 1716)
            Joan Bowhay (b 1696 Stoke Climsland, m Robert Hawton 1720 Stoke Climsland)   
                John Hawton (b 1725 Stoke Climsland, m Judith Stephens 1753 Truro Cornwall, d 1795 Stoke Climsland)      
                    James Hawton (b 1766 Stoke Climsland, m Mary Parsons 1791 Stoke Climsland, d 1853 Stoke Climsland)          
                        Francis (Frank) Hawton  (b 1799 Stoke Climsland, m Jane Dingle 1820 Stoke Climsland)
                            Margaret Hawton (b 1828 Stoke Climsland, m William Burton Mitchell 1846 Stoke Climsland Cornwall, d 1922 Essendon Vic)
                                William Mitchell  (b 1850 Tregorick Cornwall, m Ellen Adelaide Cubit 1880 Sandridge Melb, d 1889 Bethanga, Vic )
                                       Ernest Harold Mitchell (b 1887 Whiteford, m  Liela Muriel Roach 1914 Kew, d 1960 Wodonga)
    Tristram Bowhay  (b abt 1635 Stoke Climsland, m Joan Wills 1662 Stoke Climsland, m Elener Reed 1675 Stoke Climsland, d aft 1667)
    Mary Bowhay  (b abt 1637 Stoke Climsland, d aft 1667)
    Grace Bowhay  (b abt 1639 Stoke Climsland, d aft 1667)
    Joan Bowhay  (b abt 1641 Stoke Climsland, d aft 1667)

Material from Vincent Giles

(1) Will of Tristram Bowhay, 1605,  transcribed 2004 Joy Hungerford   (full text)
 This is of interest for a number of reasons
    (a) Plates , silvers spoons and a feather bed which he had from his father , were in Whiteford in his list of stuff.
    (b) The listing of  s d in roman numerals is cute
    (c) When did he die? If  1629 as I have above, he went 25 years without changing his will, which is a bit surprising considering the detailed inventory, and the fact that his mother had probably died by 1629 if he was born in 1575
(2) Will of Edward Bowhay, 1668,  (full text)
  This is of interest for a number of reasons
    (a) Why did he stagger cash payments to his daughters one year apart? For cash flow reasons for the estate? If he married in 1632, the girls could be attaining their majotity in 1668. Anyway, it is probably in order of eldest first?
    (b) It reads as if the (assumed) elder son Edward is carrying on the farm. Similarly to his father's will, son Tristram gets crockery and the girls get money
(3) Administration of Edward Bowhay, 1674,  (full text)
    This is a document drawn up when Edward (b abt 1633) died leaving young children. The existence of this document and the lack of a mention of his wife implies that she has also died? Note Edward's mother died in the same year.. Administration is by Tristram.
(4) List of Bowhay Wills held in Cornwall Record Office
    The following seem of interest, being in Stokeclimsland
AP/B/299    Will of Joan Bowhay of Stokeclimsland, 1612, Widow, will, fragmentory, inventory
AP/B/803    Will of William Bowhay senior of Stokeclimsland, 1631, Yeoman, will, inventory
AP/B/898    Will of Mary Bowhay of Stokeclimsland, 1636-1637,  Administration
AP/B/928    Will of Mary Bowhay of Stokeclimsland, 1637, Widow, will, inventory, papers
AP/B/1793  Will of William Bowhay senior of Stokeclimsland, 1676, Yeoman, will, inventory
AP/B/4021  Will of Tristram Bowhay of Stokeclimsland, 1756, Yeoman, will, administration
AP/B/4058   Will of Sampson Bowhay of Stokeclimsland, 1758, Yeoman, will
AP/B/4375   Will of William Bowhay pf Stokeclimsland, 1774, Cordwainer, will, inventory
AP/B/4515   Will of Jenny Bowhay of Stokeclimsland, 1780, Will
The later wills don't seem tto fit any family members on our tree at the moment
(5) List of Bowhay Baptisms, Marriages and Burials in Stokeclimsland
This added considerably to the picture of the family
(a) There are two families (Tristram and Joan, 1667-1680) and (Tristram and Elinor, 1665-1687) having children in parallel. It is not clear to me which family is Edwards son.
(b) There is a Tristram born 1638, son of Tristram and Elizabeth. It is a bit of a leap, but the father looks like the brother of Edward (b abt 1597)
(c) There are three baptisms (William, Nicholas and Mary) 1590-96, father William.
(6)  Note April 08
It look like Joan Luggar was bap in 1608 and that her father was John Luggar. I have them on my tree now. It look like Edward was a brother but the records in Tavistock from 1604 to 1612 are badly damaged.


Thanks Joy Hungerford (Pountain) whose database in Genes Reunited supplied this page, and Ruth Moody, whose GR database supplemented Joy's information.
Thanks to Vincent Giles for the above material.

Research Notes

The will of Mary Bowhay (d 1636) is definitely of interest, plus the two earlier wills. Those early wills probably map the generation of Tristram (b abt 1575 ) and Mary.

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