James and Elizabeth  Reed

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Parents   : Phillipe and Joan Reede                       Elizabeth's parents not known                                         

James and Elizabeth  Reed
    Allse (Alice) Reed (m Michael Kemp)
    Jerome (Jeremiah) Reed
    Walter Reed
    Edmund (Edward) Reed  (b 1623, m Tassas)
    John Reed (b 1625, m Thomasine)
    John Reed (b 1632 Wendron, m Sarah Launce 1663 Stithians   
         Joseph Reed (1672 Wendron, m Jane Reed 1712  Wendron Cornwall)
             Richard Reed  (b 1720 Wendron, m Beersheba Perry 1750 Wendron, d abt  1784 Wendron)
                Richard Reed (b 1754 Helston Cornwall, m Mary Gundry 1785 Wendron, d 1840 Constantine Cornwall)
                    Richard Reed  (b 1785 Wendron, m Mary Bolitho 1813 Wendron)
                        Mary Reed (b 1816 Wendron, m Robert Roach, d aft 1890)            
                             Richard Reid Roach (b 1855 Towednack, m  Hannah Vine 1890 Flemington Vic, d 1934 Cheltenham Vic)
                                Liela Muriel Roach (b 1893 Rosebery Sydney, m Ernest Harold Mitchell 1914 Kew, d 1972 Wodonga)

James Reed. Named as executor of his father's will, but was a minor at his death. Signed the Protestation return in Wendron 1641/2, illiterate. Taxed 1s in the Poll Tax of Wendron 1660. Married by 1623, Elizabeth …. Living 1660. Children:

1. Edmund (Edward) Reed, bap. 14 Apr. 1623/4 at Stithians.

2. John Reed the elder, bap. 28 Jan. 1625 at Stithians.

3. John Reed the younger, bap. 16 Mar. 1632 at Wendron.

4. Jerome (Jeremiah) Reed. Taxed on one hearth in Wendron 1664. Named in his brother John's will 1687/8. Married 1stly …. Children: in Original

Jerome married ?2ndly, 21 Oct. 1672 at Wendron, Jane Tregoan.

5. Allse (Alice). Named in her brother John's will 1687/8. Married by 1663, Michael Kempe of Stithians.

James may also have been the father of the following (though there are grounds for suspecting that Walter may have been an illegitimate member of the Coode family):

6. Walter Reed. Named in the wills of Luke Coode 1642 and of John Coode 1672 (then with three children), both of Stithians. Taxed 1s in the Poll Tax of Stithians 1660.


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