Peter Martin and Bridget Pearson

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Parents :    William and Grace Martin         Thomas Pearson and Mary Luck

Peter Martin (b 1695 Spratton Northamptonshire, m Bridget Pearson1710 Guilsborough Northamptonshire, 1772 Spratton)  
Bridget Pearson (b abt 1690 Guilsborough, d 1773 Spratton)
    John Martin (b 1712 Hollowell Northamptonshire, m Sarah Chadwick 1743 Spratton,d 1794 Spratton)
        William Martin (b 1748 Teeton, m Hanna Coalman 1787 Twywell Northamptonshire, d 1803 Islington Middlesex)
              Charles Martin (b 1797 Twywell, m Francis Prickett 1826 Islington, d 1876 Castlemaine Vic)
                 Hannah Martin  (b 1829 Islington, m Thomas Farr 1849 Camden Town, London,d 1890 St Kilda)
                      Edwin Farr (b 1858 Ballarat, m Louisa Jane Briant 1884 Presb Manse Ballarat, d 1943 Northcote)
                           Winifred Emma Farr (b 1890 Northcote, m Norman Thompson 1918 , d 1994 Preston)
    William Martin (b abt 1714, d abt 1714)
    Mary Martin (b 1715)
    Peter Martin (b 1718)
    Sarah Martin (b 1720)
    Thomas Martin (b abt 1724)
Peter and Bridget married in the village of Guilsborough, quite close to Spratton and Teeton. The family seems to have lived at Spratton, and held land with voting rights at nearby Teeton. When Peter died in 1772/73 he left half his farm to a grandson John (son of his eldest son, John), and the other half to his wife Bridget. This half was also to go to John when Bridget died. He left his dwelling house to his son Peter.
Len Martin's book.

Peter Martin's Will and Notes

At time of his marriage at Guilsborough Peter is a butcher.  His co-petitioner for his marriage license is John Manning of Brington.  Had he perhaps served an apprenticeship under John Manning, or did they both serve one under Francis Martin of Guilsborough?

conveyance dated 2 July 16th year of reign of George II
between 1  John Garlick of London, porter, grandson and heir of Hugh Garlick, late of Pitchly, Northants, yeoman deceased, and also devise of last will and testament of said Hugh Garlick and Margaret wife of said Hugh Garlick.
              2 Richard Garlick the younger of Moulton, Norhtants.
              3 Peter Martin of Spratton Northants, Grazier.
The agreement was witnessed that 75 was paid to John Garlick, and the lands in Pitchly were made over to Richard. For the other lands in Teeton, and Oundle described as three messuages, one barn, tow orchards, ten acres of lands, six acres of meadow, 30 acres of pasture,with apurtenances in Teeton,otherwise Teton, Oundle or Pitchley - Peter Martin agreed to accept fines in place of his claims
(mortuages?) against this title. (lease and release conveyance)


Most of the material on the Martins comes from Glenis Crocker, with help from Robyn Lawther and Helen Millward. Glenis's material prepared for the Martin reunion she organised has been quoted directly here. They have traced the family back to the 16th century, by a lot of detective work on old wills.
Also Len Martin produced an excellent  book on Charles Henry Martin, Hannah Martin's brother
Thanks also to Bob Martin's Ancestry tree for additions to this page
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