Lawrence and Elizabeth Pearson

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Parents :     Thomas Pearson     

Lawrence Pearson (b 1597 Spratton, m Elizabeth, d 1650 Spratton) 
    Thomas (b 1633, m Mary abt 1660, d 1697 Spratton)
        Thomas Pearson (b abt 1665 Spratton, m Mary Luck 1686 Northampton, d 1733 Spratton)
            Bridget Pearson (b abt 1690 Guilsborough, m Peter Martin 1710 Guilsborough Northamptonshire, d 1773 Spratton)
                John Martin (b 1712 Hollowell Northamptonshire, m Sarah Chadwick 1743 Spratton,d 1794 Spratton)
                    William Martin (b 1748 Teeton, m Hanna Coalman 1787 Twywell Northamptonshire, d 1803 Islington Middlesex)
                        Charles Martin (b 1797 Twywell, m Francis Prickett 1826 Islington, d 1876 Castlemaine Vic)
                             Hannah Martin  (b 1829 Islington, m Thomas Farr 1849 Camden Town, London,d 1890 St Kilda)
                                  Edwin Farr (b 1858 Ballarat, m Louisa Jane Briant 1884 Presb Manse Ballarat, d 1943 Northcote)
                                       Winifred Emma Farr (b 1890 Northcote, m Norman Thompson 1918 , d 1994 Preston)


Most of the material on the Martins comes from Glenis Crocker, with help from Robyn Lawther and Helen Millward. Glenis's material prepared for the Martin reunion she organised has been quoted directly here. They have traced the family back to the 16th century, by a lot of detective work on old wills.

Notes for Lawrence Pearson (b 1597) from FTM

In the name of God Amen.  I Lawrence Peirson of Spratton in the county of Northton ...... being sicke & weake in body but thanks be to god of good memory do this nyntheenth day of December in the yeare of our Lord God one thousand sixhundred fifty and one make ordayne and Bqth my last will and testament in manner and form following.  first I bequeath my soule into the hands of Almighty god that gave it mee trusting by the merritts of my  alone Saviour & Redeemer Jhesus chryst to bee saved and my body to be buried in the church or churchyard of Spratton aforesaid.
ITEM I give unto my sonne Thomas Peirson & his heires all that messuage & farmhouse with the appurtenances standing in the lane in Spratton aforesaid  And all that three quarters & a half quarter of a yard land there unto belonging lying in the fields of Spratton which my brother John left to his wife for her joynture during her life. ITEM I give unto my three children Lawrence, John & Elizabeth & theirs heires all my rights title and interest whatsoever which I have of & in one messuage where I now live in Spartton aforesaid with the appurtenances thereof to be equally divided amongst them when they all come to one & twenty yeares of age and if any of them dy before the divided amongst them then the right & title of him her or them soe dying to go to the surviving child or children thus......... of need not have     but I doe it least that doubt be any defect in my brother devising of it to them. and my mind is for those my younger children as my brother intended.   ITEM I give unto my beloved wife all that quarter of a yardland with the appurtenances in Spratton aforesaid which I formerly had & .... held in my own occupation to hold the same for Thomas of her life in lieue & full sattisfaction of what joynture thi.. or dower she might any way clayme or demand out of or in any the messuage, lands loquom & homstead whom o I have ben seized during my on..marriage with her.  And for the better liviehood of & mayntenance of her self & children I give unto her all that quarter of a yard land in Spratton aforesaid called Chapman's quarter with the appurtenances to hold the same during her xxxxxxxxxxxx: life if she continues unmarried for longe and after her marriage or death which shall first happen then I give & bequeath the same to my eldest sonne Thomas & his heires, paying to my two sonnes Lawrence & John the sum of thirty pounds a peice within two months after my said wife shall marry or dye  if my said sonnes Lawrence & John shall be one and twenty years of age apeice but if one or both of them be not one & twenty years of age Then my will is that my sonne Thomas shall pay to him or them that is one not one & twenty years of age the sum of forty shillings a year a peice xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx at two usual xxxxxxxxx days of payment in the year viz  our Lady day & Michael until he or they come to their several ages of one & twenty yeares.  And that my will is that he pay to my said sonnes Lawrence & John the said thirty pounds a peice at their several ages of one & twenty ITEM I give to my said sonne Thomas & his heires after the death of my wife the said first mentioned quartern of Land which I have given her for life in lieue of dower paying to my said sonnes Lawrence & John thirty Pounds apeice within three months after my wifes' death they be one & twenty years age or at their several ages of xxxxxx one & twenty yeares as they shall in order come to their several ages of one & twenty yeares. And in the mean tyme untill they shall come to one & twenty years of age to pay likewise to them the sum of fforty shillings a year a peice at two usual payments in the year vizt the feast of the Annunciation of our Lady & Saint Michael the Archangel by even & equal Portions the first payment to beginne at the first of the said feasts as shall first & next happen after the death of my said wife if it be not within six weeks after. And my will is the first payment of the    forty shillings a year paid before by .... appoynted to be payd unto them Shall likewise beginn in like manner upon which of the days of payment shall first & next happen after my wife's marriage or death, provided always and my will is that in case for my sonneThomas shall neglect & fayle to pay the said several sums of thirty Pounds a peice to my two sonnes Lawrence & John in such manner & .... as before I have appoynted to be payd xxxxxxor    several sums of forty shillings a peice yearly until the said several thirty pounds- ....... and in that manner as I have appoynted that then my former devise of the said several quarter of land, after my wife's marriage or death  to my soone Thomas & his heires shall coass & be of none effect .  and I devise the said two several quartersof Land from and after such default of payment xxxxxx as the several thirty pounds & xxxxx of the said several annuity xx xxxx xxxxxxx xx or any        of them xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx in    as before I have appoynted to my two sonnes Lawrence & John & theire several heires for ever but my true meaning & will is that in case my sonne Thomas doe mayntyne & keep xxxx both his brethren or syster of them xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxwith meat drinkClothing & lodging that then shall mot pay the said several annuities of several forty shillings to my sonnes Lawrence & john if he maytayne them both tp which of them he dot be maytayne  ITEM I give unto my daughter Elizabeth the sum of forty pounds to be payd unto her when she come to three & twenty yeares of age and in the meantyme he make to take care of her.  ITEM I give unto my sonne Thomas my joymers bedstead in the p lour & the long table in the hall, which my brother John gave me. ITEM I give unto the poor of Spratton the sum of five shillings to be xxxxxxxx payd to the overseers of Spratton presently after my decease to be distributed amongst the poor  All the rest of my goods cattills & chattells, my debts being payd & funral expenses discharged  I give & bequeath unto my beloved wife Elizabeth whome I make sole executrice of this my last will & testament. revoking all known & other wills by mee made And I desire my loving friends Mr John Ward and my brother William Wibilow to bee overseers of this my last will In witness this my will of Three sheets of paper to bee my last will & testament sealed & published the day above written
Thomas Tomkins
Francis Hornme                                                            Lawrence \o/ Pearson
                                                                          his mark
X Brown
Probate 13 March 1651 giving Mr thomas Pearson  .................. .

Notes for John Chadwick (Elizabeth's other Husband) from FTM

7 April 1675 indited together with Richard Norrice of Byfield and Wm Shatchwell of Broughton for failing to apprehend divers rogues vagabonds and sturdy beggars, thereby causing great damage of divers persons of England, contrary to statute.  Robert Hearen prosecutor.

Notes for Henry Chadwick (John Chadwick's Son) from FTM

In the Name of God Amen. I Henry Chadwick of Spraton in the County of Northton, yeoman, being not firm in body but of perfect mind and memory do make and ordaine this my last will and testament as ffolloweth Impris, I give and bequeath my Soul to Almight God that gave it desiring pardon for all my sins through the meritorious death and passion of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ and as for my body to be buryed in a decent manner as my executor shall think fitt, and as for my worldly goods the Lord in his mercy  hath bestowed upon me, I give and bequeath VIZ ; I give and bequeath my son John Chadwick one hundred and fifty pounds  of good and lawful money to -be payed to him three years after my decease, upon this condition that my son John Chadwick shall deliver up all his Right and title that he hath or may have of one quartern and half quartern of land to my son William Chadwick which said land was given by a deed of gift to my son John by my my father John Chadwick, the money not to be paid except the land delivered up to my son William chadwick. I give and bequeath to my loving wife Ann Chadwick half the movable goods in the house and halfe the stork of Caos, Moats drink and lodging and all necesaries during her life with my son William Chadwick, but if  shall happen that they do not live together, then I give and bequeath to my wife Ann Chadwick five pounds a year to be paid yearly during her life and halfe the goods in the house halfe the storks of coos, sixteen hundred of Coales provided and brought her yearly, one cow in yard, and to have during her life in the old house the parlour and parlour chamber and the little room over the seller And lastly I make and ordaine my son William Chadwick my full executor of this my last will and testament and I give and  bequeath all my goods and Chattels, my yard to him upon this  condition that he shall deliver up all the right and title that he may have to that homestead where my brother John liveth to my son John Chadwick, in witness I whereof have sett to my hand and Seale this twenty seven day January in the years of our Lord 1707/8
     his mark   John o Chadwick                   his             mark    Henry               Chadwick     her mark       Elizabeth Tobitt      l l                                 
  Thomas Lumley                              U


Research Notes

LDS  has Marriage:Lawrence Pearson and Alice Watts 01 Aug 1619 Spratton. No children for either Elizabeth or Alice IE Alice is as good a fit as Elizabeth? 
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