Roger and Margaret Person

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Parents :    Thomas Person (b abt 1500, d 1562 Spratton)                       Margaret 's parents not known

 Roger Person  (b 1524 Spratton, m Margaret C...  1547, d 1554 Spratton) 
 Margaret (d aft 1554)               
    Thomas Pearson (b 1549 Spratton, d 1639 Spratton)      
        Lawrence Pearson  (b 1597 Spratton, m Elizabeth Pearson, d 1650 Spratton) 
            Thomas Pearson  (b 1633, m Mary abt 1660, d 1697 Spratton)
                Thomas Pearson (b abt 1665 Spratton, m Mary Luck 1686 Northampton, d 1733 Spratton)
                    Bridget Pearson (b abt 1690 Guilsborough, m Peter Martin 1710 Guilsborough Northamptonshire, d 1773 Spratton)
                        John Martin (b 1712 Hollowell Northamptonshire, m Sarah Chadwick 1743 Spratton,d 1794 Spratton)
                            William Martin (b 1748 Teeton, m Hanna Coalman 1787 Twywell Northamptonshire, d 1803 Islington Middlesex)
                                Charles Martin (b 1797 Twywell, m Francis Prickett 1826 Islington, d 1876 Castlemaine Vic)
                                     Hannah Martin  (b 1829 Islington, m Thomas Farr 1849 Camden Town, London,d 1890 St Kilda)
                                          Edwin Farr (b 1858 Ballarat, m Louisa Jane Briant 1884 Presb Manse Ballarat, d 1943 Northcote)
                                               Winifred Emma Farr (b 1890 Northcote, m Norman Thompson 1918 , d 1994 Preston)
    John Pearson (b aft 1524, d aft 1554)

Will of Roger Person  (b 1524)

In the name of God Amen. the second day of Apriell in ye yeare of or Lord God 1553 I Roger Pereson holle of mynd and memory but syffcaffed in my body make this my last wyll & testament in manner & forme folowying. Fyrst I bequeath my soule to Almighty God    to his mercie And to ye holy company of all his saints and my body to be buryed in ye churchyard of saynt Andrew at Spratton.First of my worldy goods I bequeath to my mother churche of xc t bringht   and to ye heyi Ault of Spratton    to be prayd for iiijd and to ye f.......  iiijs and to the bell iiij s .
Item I bequeath to Thomas myne eldest son iiijs.   to John my youngest son iiijs Itemn to my other   yt & My wyffe gocthe me the yf god fortune it to do well & to lyver  I bequeath also iiij yt god do his wyll of it then yt iiij  to be devydyd between mother and other n brethren and yf god do his wyll upon any of the said children the I wyll  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx       one to be    of the said chyldeon & trew.     I wyll and dipose ye aforesaid goods or bequests.  Item I wyll my son Thomas and John shall  inroye there     aforesaid Legac of  iiij d  a peace.    Item at ye age of 21 years and the otherchildd     my wyffe   joythe noth all I wyll it shall Mioye ye aforesaid son of iiij
I.. and at ye age of twenty years. Item I wyll yt noho sonne shall have ye governance of my said children and of theyr y..dyn shall put in suertic to be bound to pay ye aforesaid legacie at suche tyme & age of the children ..... before mentioned. Item wyll and order to be my executor of this my last wyll Thomas Perrson my father and Margaret my wyffe and to Margaret my said wyffe I bequeath all ye defyderoc  of my   goods and bequests
And to my said father for his paynes to be tailym herem       iii  iijd the bequest to be
witness John Orpes of Creaton, Robe Canell of Little Creaton, Thomas Penrdy & John Haddon and others of Spratton

Provedx 26 July 1554


Most of the material on the Martins comes from Glenis Crocker, with help from Robyn Lawther and Helen Millward. Glenis's material prepared for the Martin reunion she organised has been quoted directly here. They have traced the family back to the 16th century, by a lot of detective work on old wills.

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